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10 month old being sick when pooing

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EmzDisco Mon 25-Jul-16 07:55:21

For the last three weeks 10 month old DD has been sick when pooing.

She is breastfed, and always pooed about twice a week, since around 4 months. Never been a problem for her, nice soft BF poo.

Started BLW at 6 months which she really enjoys. Doesn't wolf down massive quantities but enjoys meals and a real variety of foods.

3 weeks ago she had just had lunch and was a tiny bit sick and she pooed in her high chair. I thought initially it just caught her unawares or she was in an odd position. But since then every time she has pooed she has been properly sick, usually all over me as she holds on to me to push.

Went to the doctor last week who prescribed movicol but she wouldn't drink it, nor would she drink juice, and even stopped drinking water until I got her to trust me that was just all it was again!

In any case I am not sure it's right for her as the poo is soft, not hard. It's as though she is pushing/squeezing much harder than she needs to.

I've cut down on dairy, no bananas and things that hold stuff up, and given her lots of stuff like prune purée, sweet potato mash etc.

She is not sick other times, seems well hydrated and is a very happy baby usually. Just started waking unaided and very active

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm at a bit of a loss to know what to do now. And fearful of leaving the house when I think she might poo, as it's such a messy and dramatic ordeal.


EmzDisco Mon 25-Jul-16 13:47:16

Just a little bump in case someone knowledgeable spots this over lunch! Apologies if that's bad MN form.

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