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Switching from BF to FF

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GipsyDanger Wed 20-Jul-16 21:40:25

My ds is 17 weeks old, over the past week he just doesn't seem to be satisfied by me anymore. We've gave him the odd bottle of formula here and there, in fact he drank 7 ounces the other night. I originally wanted to BF to 6 months then start wean/ switch to formula.

I just don't know what to do. I'm clueless on how formula works (just gave him the ready made stuff) whether to persevere to the 6 months, or start weaning now and slowly up the formula. Argh! What to do!

Batteriesallgone Wed 20-Jul-16 21:43:25

Are you sure he's not just hot, therefore thirsty, and so feeding loads more?

Can you just take a couple of pyjama days and lay about and feed feed feed?

If you've gotten to 17weeks i doubt your supply is in trouble. It's probably just the heat. Breastmilk is perfectly optimised - more hydrating in the heat. Formula doesn't change, some formula feeding mums have to also give water - I think it's quite worrying for formula feeders when it's very hot. Babies aren't easy however they are fed

Trulyyou Wed 20-Jul-16 21:53:55

I switched at 16 weeks.
I just dropped one feed a day. I did use ready made formula but take a look at perfect prep machine.
For me FF was much easier despite having a good supply. It's not popular to say that on here but it gave me freedom and flexibility.

Trulyyou Wed 20-Jul-16 21:54:56

If you want to cont BF then absolutely take the baby to bed but if you don't fancy that ok and easy to swap.

Coconut0il Wed 20-Jul-16 22:48:41

If you want to carry on OP just keep feeding on demand. It could be thirst, growth, comfort. My DS2 goes through phases where he wants to feed loads and then hardly wants to feed at all.
No advice about the formula, I mix fed DS1 but always used the ready made as he only had one a day.

artisanroast Thu 21-Jul-16 00:45:31

Your little person may just be having a growth spurt. When they feed more often it can be quite exhausting for you.

I worked through all the little growth spurts and still feed my little girl at 10 months with no plans to stop (original plan was to stop at 6 months - haha!)

Although that has ended up with me sleeping beside DD in a double bed in her nursery. At this point though I think I am just avoiding DH's snoring!

Do what you feel is right for you but cluster feeding is just that! Your supply will catch up and the number of feeds then reduces again


Ningnang2000 Thu 21-Jul-16 00:56:13

It could be growth surprised or just thirsty. No harm in introducing a bottle at one feed if you want to. I did it for the last feed before putting her down. It allowed me to make sure she was taking enough. With dd1 my dh gave a bottle of expressed milk at night (while i expressed for the nect night) with dd2 i didn't bulid up extra supply for an extra feed so she got formula. Whatever works for you.

GipsyDanger Thu 21-Jul-16 13:22:58

Thanks all. Had a horrendous night last night, I think he slept maybe 2 hours and constant moaning in between. I honestly wanted to throw in the towel right there.

artisanroast Sun 24-Jul-16 17:03:08

I understand. It's so hard going. I remember nights when we wouldn't really sleep all night. My DD was prem so we had to feed every 2 hours to keep us out of hospital. If she didn't gain weight we would be readmitted.

You have done well to feed your person this long as some don't try breastfeeding at all.

If you feel you can continue but if you can't don't beat yourself up. You know yourself and your baby best.

I can give you assurance though it does get better.

My friends and I all found bfing hard. We are also all still feeding at 10 months! The other common factor was weaning at 5 months. It can be protective against allergies to BF and wean a little early. This was my main reason as DH is mr allergy.

Do what's best for you xx

farkoffee Sun 24-Jul-16 17:49:00

Another one here who found FF infinitely easier, more convenient and resulted in a happier DS. I FF Ds1 and EBF DS2 until 5.5 months. BF is amazing, of course, and you've done amazingly to get this far. There's nothing wrong with wanting to move to formula.

We started by introducing formula at bedtime. Then gradually, as he got used to the bottle, we swapped feeds.

It is a faff having to make up bottles and you must do it safely. The safest way is to make each feed freshly. This is obviously time consuming. Second to this, make up feed (or small batch of bottles) with boiling water and add required amount of powder. Flash cool by standing them in sink of cold water. When cool, store at back of fridge. Heat by standing bottle in jug of warm water as required to feed.

When out and about I use ready made formula. Tommee Tippee do an excellent bottle warming flask thing.

Good luck flowers

GipsyDanger Sun 24-Jul-16 19:50:19

Thanks again, I think I'll slowly up the formula bottles over the next 2 months

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