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Tips for winding newborn combi fed baby

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MissOnomer Tue 19-Jul-16 16:33:13

Hi - wondered if anyone can help?

My DD is 8 days old - born at 39+3 by planned c- section weighing 6lb8

Weight dropped to 5lb11 by 3 days old so advised to supplement with formula/expressed.

She gets terrible wind which is worse with bottle. We have tried the throwaway aptamil, avent and tommee tippee bottles so far and all much the same.

So wondered if anyone had good tips on making DD burp? Her big brother (age 7 years) has been giving tutorials but so far she is a slow learner!

Thanks in anticipation

FizzyFeet Tue 19-Jul-16 16:44:06


If you can stomach the extra outlay, I'd recommend Dr Browns bottles - maybe just try a couple to start with. I wish we'd used them from the off!

With burping, seat her on your lap and then imagine she is hinged at the middle - try facing her outwards and rocking back and forth, and sitting sideways and rotating her clockwise then anti-clockwise. Over your shoulder, make sure her body is a straight against you as you can safely manage. Rub upward on her left hand side. Pat upwards on the bottom - can be slightly more
firm than you'd imagine as its well padded by the nappy! And put her over your shoulder at every opportunity. If she gets trapped wind at the other end, Google baby massage for digestion videos - I was amazed at how well it worked.

If you're still under midwife care, get them to show you - nothing beats real life demonstration!

MissOnomer Tue 19-Jul-16 17:45:58

Thank you so much fizzyfeet- will try those tips!
Would never have thought of googling videos - and we are off to the midwife tomorrow so will ask for a real life demosmile

Purplebaglady Tue 19-Jul-16 17:55:07

My son was very long in the body, not sure if this is relevant but I used to stretch him gently with him over my shoulder and the other hand, sort of unfolding him. This used to result in huge burps. Otherwise he cried and cried.

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