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Additional fluids for breastfed baby.

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Becomingmom Thu 14-Jul-16 23:23:05

LO is 8 months old, has three meals a day is breastfed before and after every meal, upon waking and when she goes to bed. She also wakes 1-4ish times a night and is breastfed then too although I think this is for comfort. Anyway her lips are dry so she needs more fluids. I don't express so can't get even 2oz out when I pump on top of feeding her. Should I be giving her water? Any advice apriciate!

ridiculouspirate Fri 15-Jul-16 00:37:52

Does she have a cup of water with meals?

Mine all had this from 6 months when they started with food. Just a wee tommee tippee free flow one.

It does sound unlikely that she's not having enough feeds though - what are her nappies like?

Becomingmom Tue 19-Jul-16 22:30:01

Sorry I'm a few days late and thanks for the response. She has a hard time accepting anything but a boob Id have to give her juice to get her to maybe entertain it. This I would make for her though just retaining the water when I boil the fruit and freezing into cubes. She does wet her nappies not as much as her older sister who is 2, but she's able to hold much longer so when she goes it's like the nappy is fuller. She's almost ready for a potty really.

BeenThereTooSEL Tue 19-Jul-16 22:34:27

We started giving our BF DC water at 6 months

artisanroast Thu 21-Jul-16 00:58:05

I would start offering tap water (boiled cooled, although not necessary) from a free flow cup during meal times. Baby will still take a milk feed after the meal or between. Your baby will guide you.

Also another sign they are dehydrated is the nappies. If you see more pellet like stools your baby is dehydrated.

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