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Very unsettled at nighttime

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socktastic Thu 14-Jul-16 08:15:52

Wonder if anyone has any hints or tips I might try? My wee boy is 3 weeks tomorrow and for the past couple of nights he's been really unsettled after a second night feed, from about 5am onwards. It appears he is sleeping but he's whining and grunting and stretching out.
He's not an easy baby to burp and we don't always get wind out of him after feeds. When he does burp, I always get the impression that there's more there as he still makes all the windy faces.
I'm trying infacol with every feed. He takes almost all of his food now from the bottle, it's almost all expressed breast milk; he gets s couple of formula feeds a day.
Any advice would be welcome.

FurryGiraffe Thu 14-Jul-16 09:50:02

DS2 does this- restless grunting after 4/5am feed. I assumed it was wind at first but I've found that it is magically cured by bringing him into bed and co-sleeping the last bit of the night. So I assume the grunting and wriggling is him looking for me, rather than wind.

29redshoes Thu 14-Jul-16 10:07:20

Same here! It started around week 3-5, then we had a reprieve but it's started up again now at week 9. Like furry, I've found it stops if I bring DD into bed with me, although even then she'll only sleep face down so I don't get any sleep as I feel I have to keep an eye on her!

I'm keeping everything crossed that it's one of those things which passes at the magical 3 month point...

Coconut0il Thu 14-Jul-16 23:26:27

Aaahh the grunting/groaning/moaning phase! I remember it well. Googling 'grunting baby' in the middle of the night and recording DS2 sleeping to show the HV. I've since read a few threads on here and it seems quite common. Especially after the second night feed. DS2 used to do it from 3am. Who knew babies could be such noisy sleepers? DS1 never did it. Still don't know what causes it but he just grew out of it. Can't remember exactly when it stopped but he's almost 11 months and never does it now.

Heirhelp Fri 15-Jul-16 09:50:28

When he gets to 4 weeks you can use gripe water to help bring up the wind.

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