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Preparing to breastfeed (premature) twins

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NotAClue82 Wed 13-Jul-16 18:01:25


I'm expecting identical twins, and I'm hoping to breastfeed them. I've got an older child who I happily (and mostly problem-free) breastfed until he was about 2. I really enjoyed the experience and am hoping to bf my twins also!

I would love to hear about people's experiences of feeding twins! Did you feed them simultaneously or one after the other? Did you need a feeding pillow (didn't use one with my son)? Did they have a boob each or did they share?

I also have some more questions specific to my situation: Because of complications they are likely to be born early (though not before 30 weeks I hope! More like 34-36 weeks if things go as planned), and they are also likely to be born by c-section for the same reason.

In that situation, is there anything I can do to help breastfeeding go smoothly? I had a vaginal delivery with my son and can't quite picture the practicalities of bf straight after a section, especially with twins! If they are born and don't need oxygen etc., will they hand me my babies for feeding straight away? And will I be able to sit up and feed?

If they are too small or poorly to feed straight away, when should I start expressing? And would you recommend investing in a good double pump or will the hospital have one? I expressed quite a lot with my son (so my husband could help with the feeds) and it was a positive experience then, so I'm hoping to express again with the twins.

Sorry for the really long post, any advice or book/website recommendations would be much appreciated!

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