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8 month old milk/food

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Redhead79 Tue 12-Jul-16 21:55:21

My 8 month old has suddenly stated wanting to feed thought the night again. She was having a full breast feed at 6.30-7 ish then going though till 12-1 and again until 5ish ( but that's another story!)

Recently she's started waking every 2 hours or so wanting milk. Consequently she doesn't really want much milk during the day (1bf and 11oz from bottles).
She's also off solids and only having a few spoons of things and just playing with her finger food.
I don't have many 'mum friends' so have no frame of reference about how much milk/solids she should be having at this stage.

Teeth are through so I don't think that's the problem.

Coconut0il Wed 13-Jul-16 15:30:58

I'm not expert but I think milk is still the main source of calories and the food is extra until they're 1. I try not to think about what DS2 has daily but more in terms of what he has over a week. Has he tried a few different things, had some fruit, veg, lumps! He's almost 11 months now and he still likes his milk way more than solids and he still wakes 1/2 times a night.
I always feed him on demand, if he wants milk/comfort I go with it. I do offer 3 meals but if he's not interested I don't force it.

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