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Bottle feeding help

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Voddy4 Mon 11-Jul-16 22:42:15

I'm 99% certain I'm going to give up on breastfeeding. Its been 5 weeks and baby is putting in weight but just spends every evening screaming and Screaming during feeds and it's getting stressful so wondering if bottle feeding will be better/easier? My main question about bottle feeding is for s night feed do you make the bottle fresh when the baby wakes up? How long does it then take for the bottle to cool enough? Will that just entail screaming while baby is waiting for a night time bottle. This is my second baby but didn't have this problem with my first so clueless about bottle feeding a new born


Me624 Tue 12-Jul-16 06:32:30

We have a perfect prep machine but I would suggest doing what it does manually. Have some cooled boiled water ready before you go to bed in the evening. Then for night feeds boil the kettle, mix the powder with 2oz of boiled water and top up with cooled boiled water. If it's still a bit warm (assume you'll only be on 3-4oz bottles at the moment) then run it under a cold tap for a few minutes to cool it down.

Ilovenannyplum Tue 12-Jul-16 06:48:37

Perfect prep. Lifesaver for night feeds. Best baby product I bought smile

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