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Advice for using SMA Staydown. Preparation and best teats size/bottles

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YeahEmma01 Sat 09-Jul-16 18:01:17

My 4 week old daughter has silent reflux. Carobel worked really well and she was so settles with it but it gave her diarrhea so had to stop. I have since tried SMA Staydown but am having trouble with getting it to go through any size teat consistently. I use tommee tippee bottles and upiped to size two teats. It seems to get continually blocked, but I can't see anything obvious blocking the hole. When I get it going again the flow seems too fast for her.
I have tried three feeds and muddled through on the first two but she became so frustrated with the third I had to give her normal formula which caused her pain.
I have now reverted back to normal formula and feel gutted as she was so settled on the thicker stuff.

I am making up the formula with cooled boiled water and rolling it rather than shaking. I cannot see any obvious lumps when I have done this. Should I be making it with chilled water instead?
I have read other threads in which people use room temperature water to make it up and don't seem to have issues.

Any advise on people's success with this formula would be much appreciated. Which bottles/teats do you use?

I know tommee tippee have flexiflow teats but did not have any success using these with my older daughter.
I have also tried gaviscon but this does not help with the reflux at all.

Thanks in advance smile

dementedpixie Sat 09-Jul-16 19:28:34

The instructions say to use chilled water so try that first

SherryChristmas Wed 18-Jan-17 19:16:10

We had the same problems with Staydown. It was recommended by the hospital but even they had problems mixing it. We bought Avent Varyflow teats off Amazon which solved the problem of the milk going through the hole in the teat, but however we mixed it it was a nightmare, even following the instructions to the letter.. Cold water works best ( the hospital told us Staydown has an excemption to the rule of using hot water to mix formula) but after struggling for a couple of weeks, and with the agreement of the dietician, we moved to Actimel AR ( Anti reflux) - (thickened with carob as opposed to Staydown which is thickened with maize) and which has been much better, even when having to leave it 7 minutes to thicken.

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