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Changing the schedule ?

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Onthedowns Sat 09-Jul-16 05:40:31

My DS is coming up 19 weeks - 14 weeks corrected . He was tube fed in scbu expressed milk for 3 weeks but I couldn't keep supply up, he is feeding roughly every 3 hours during day taking 4 oz. He's suffers cmpi and silent reflux on medication. He's sleeping is just starting to settle down a bit. But he is having his last bottle at anywhere between 530-630 then out for night till 1230 he will then wake 330/4 then again 7/730. He seems wrong way round we have tried feeding inbetween 530-1230 but still woke up at same time. Last few nights he has woken up 400 but with dummy gone back to sleep till 5 as I think he's full then feed them seems full up quickly, soThis morning he's gone from 1- 530. Should I leave him? I am worried he's not taking enough early evening to see through night? After his 4 bottle he normally doesn't settle well but he's been better this morning without it . His reflux isn't 100% under control so don't want to push it! He's still on scbu feeding times!

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