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Baby has stopped drinking!

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BabyBabsia Fri 08-Jul-16 09:23:29

My 8 month old has just decided she no longer enjoys juice from her TT sippy cup.

She not longer will drink anything but her milk.

She has recently had a water infection, and has been given co-amoxiclav to deal with the uti. Before she was diagnosed she literally stopped drinking anything, which is why we were admitted in to hospital due to her dehydration. She won't drink anything apart from her formula.

Before she was I'll she was on 3 6 oz bottles a day, and then on three meals a day. She is now on 6 6oz bottles (we have tried to replace bottles for juice, only to have her get herself into the most ridiculous state, and point blank refuse to put anything in her mouth)

She is offered her TT cup at every meal time,she just throws in on the floor. Before all this she was brilliant at using her cups, and has been using one since about 5 months. We've tried water, squash, baby juices, watered down fruit juice, not watered down fruit juice, in our frustration fizzy pop (fizzy waters) literally EVERYTHING!

We've resorted to giving her ice poles just to give her some sort of hydration. Literally at the end of the road of what to do.

Just getting beyond frustrating now.

Orsono Fri 08-Jul-16 09:48:33

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, but if she's drinking 6 bottles of milk a day, she is getting hydration isn't she? At 8 months, milk should be her main drink anyway, everything else is extra. If it were me I'd back right off and let her do what she wants for a while, maybe stop offering the sippy cup for a few days. You're risking your frustration and stress transferring to her, which may make the issue worse.

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 08-Jul-16 10:05:24

Im also confused. If shes on 6x6oz bottles thats roughly a litre of fluid. Sounds like shes getting plenty enough fluids to me.

As for the cup being thrown. That sounds more like shes discovered a new game. oooooh that makes a noise ooooooh mummy will give it back to me ooooooooh look at all that water every where, splash splash splash <- what i think goes through my baby's head every single time she throws that cup shockgrin

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