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Cutting out dairy

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HarrysMummy17 Thu 07-Jul-16 14:04:22

I'm thinking of cutting out dairy to see if it helps my ds who is very windy and uncomfortable quite a bit of the time.

I'm just wondering how strict I need to be and will a tiny bit make s difference? Things like a slice of chocolate cake for example.

Not looking forward too it! I've got a calcium deficiency to start with and I love my dairy products (cheese!)

Ladylolly Sun 17-Jul-16 10:51:10

I cut diary out of my diet to see if it made a difference to DS reflux.
It has made a big difference.
If I were to eat chocolate cake he would be sick, however if I eat a small amount of butter he's fine.
I recommend cutting it out completely for two weeks and then slowly introducing it.
I am trying to introduce formula and he vomits it up so the doctor thinks it is a milk protein allergy.

Junosmum Sun 17-Jul-16 11:37:24

To see if it works you'll need to be really strict, if it does work then you can slowly introduced it back to see DSs tolerance level.

You need to be careful with ingredients, such as whey powder etc, it's in all sorts of things.

doleritedinosaur Sun 17-Jul-16 11:44:00

I did this when breast feeding DS plus I'm Lactose intolerant anyway so it really helped.

Get vitamins with added calcium to make sure you're getting enough.
I use almond milk for tea & cooking.

Spring Green's have the most calcium like broccoli, kale, spinach.

I just googled vegan products & make my own dairy free cakes etc for DS & I now as he still can't tolerate it.

Flora freedom is really good for the cakes.

I could have a tiny bit of cheese without him being affected but nothing else.

bringmelaughter Sun 17-Jul-16 12:17:16

If you already know that you're calcium deficient, please don't do this without getting some professional advice about maintaining your calcium intake. Osteoporosis is not a nice condition.

Lemonwords Sun 17-Jul-16 12:21:47

You have to be really strict for a good fortnight to see if it works. Make sure you get your calcium elsewhere. The first week is a pita but once you get the hang of it it's really easy to do. I personally like vio life vegan cheese and sainsburys do great dairy free biscuits including brownies!

lalath Sun 17-Jul-16 16:54:31

Sesame seeds have LOADS of calcium. Absolutely loads. Just grind them down and add them to meals. There is a great deal of stuff that has a lot more calcium than dairy produce

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