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12w/o screaming after burping

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mallorcanmummy Thu 07-Jul-16 06:53:56

Hi, I'm after some advice/possibly just reassurance that I'm doing ok...
I've always had fast letdown and DS has been a really fast feeder from thee start (10mins MAX). I didn't burp him at the start, tbh, I never even thought about it...he certainly didn't need it. Recently though, he has been doing massive burps, and getting distressed if I don't burp him. When I try and put him back on the boob, he cries, or screams, until.I put him upright again. He's also possetted a few times, which he didn't really do at the start.

He sleeps from 9.30/10pm-4/5am, feeds, then wakes 7ish, so only has the one night feed.

I'm worried he's not getting enough milk. He's been a bit cranky the last few days after sleep but generally still his pretty happy self. I offer the boob fairly often, but he doesn't always take it..

It just seems he feeds so fast and needs burping before he's finished but then won't take more. Any ideas? Thanks.

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