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11 weeks EBF but Ive lost my confidence

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thegauntlet Wed 06-Jul-16 19:37:04

So, DS is 11 weeks tomorrow, he is my 3rd, BF first DD to 9 months and DD2 until 18 months. DD1 didn't feed excellently but we got by but I was always worried and getting her weighed. DD2 was a hoover, always great and i never had her weighed as we were living overseas.
So.... DS, well, had tongue tie and cracked nipples, mastitis etc yuk, cut tongue after second opinion at 2 weeks and seemed to be doing well. He is quite gassy, but is a good sleeper, and is even having some expressed milk in a bottle for my mum as I am back to work for a morning. He takes 4oz for her, and that is how much i express in about 10-15 mins when he feeds for 10 mins ish. At his/my 6 week check he was doing well and had jumped up from just above the 50th centile at 3 weeks to just below 75th. I was just going to let him get on with it and channel the 'zen-third-time-parent-lack-of-anxiety' that i hear I am entitled to. NOT TO BE....
Health visitor came by yesterday ( had arranged the meeting 7 weeks ago so i forgot and was happily not being too slummy ( just drinking a fizzy drink at 930 in the morning ;-) ( i hid it!) I had not planned for him to be weighed, but just sort of went along with it, and he had fallen below the 50th centile, not much, but it has completely thrown me. I have just got my stupid period back ( not fair not fair not fair-1year + with the girls) and have been mega emosh and had a migraine this week. I am now in a tailspin, and feel like it is not going to be ok. A bit tearful about it all now, he put on 1lb 5oz in a month. I know they are all different. Can someone tell me is this ok, is there a normal weight gain?

bigmamapeach Wed 06-Jul-16 20:07:13

Sounds very normal to me, a bit of wobbling up/down around a centile space... Was Hv happy? Not concerned? Baby doing lots of good 11 week old baby stuff? Still feeding on demand etc? Dropping one centile space is all normal bobbling about I would have thought but am sure others will have more experience. Was the Hv helpful?

Orsono Wed 06-Jul-16 20:19:53

So he's roughly on the same centile he was at 3 weeks? Was the 3 week weight done by a health visitor and the 6 week check at the GP on different scales? Was this most recent weight on the same scales as the 3 week weight? It's just a guess and I'm not an expert, but it seems possible the 6 week weight wasn't accurate and he's actually just following his centile.

thegauntlet Wed 06-Jul-16 20:24:15

thank you both, yes, all 3 readings on different scales.... and could well be one factor. I am just going to try to stay cool, and go to hv again in 2 weeks to recheck, now I am freaking out trying to pump at weird times to increase my supply, but I think it is all just a bit daft, need to have a word with myself. You are right bigmamapeach he is doing all lovely 11 week old stuff and HV was not at all worried, just said to see us in a month. trying to keep it all together, hormones a bit mad at the moment.

villainousbroodmare Wed 06-Jul-16 20:29:36

I'd say relax! Night feeds are the best to boost supply, so sadly you shouldn't skip any of those, but feeding lying down is lovely and cuddly if it suits you. Enjoy your lovely baby.

TheWrongAlice Wed 06-Jul-16 20:38:19

Just to let you know that my DD - 12 weeks - has been weighed incorrectly twice, or at least that's what they think retrospectively because her weight has jumped around quite dramatically. And while her weight has been jumping around on the page, she has been absolutely fine and happy and sleeping well, while I was really stressed out, just as you are!

I think as long as your little one is eating well, sleeping well, alert and happy, there's nothing to worry about. HV would ask you back in a week if they had any concerns at all.

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