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How long after BF did you feel 'normal' again?

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Cornberry Mon 27-Jun-16 18:29:41

I've reluctantly just stopped BF my DD after almost 10 months due to various health issues which doctors suggest might be exacerbated by being exhausted from BF. I've developed tons of symptoms, amongst which seem to be really bad allergies to god knows what - constant post-nasal drip and scratchy throat... I stopped about two weeks ago and I'm hoping I will start to feel better soon. Just wondering if anyone else picked up allergies while BF and how long people took to feel back to normal after weaning? Thanks.

Cornberry Tue 28-Jun-16 21:10:35


NickyEds Fri 01-Jul-16 13:01:30

I think you should have a trip to the gp. The only issue I have had after stopping is intense broodiness. Your symptoms could just be coincidence?

Passthecake30 Fri 01-Jul-16 13:03:04

No symptoms here you have hayfever?

figginz Fri 01-Jul-16 13:12:29

I felt extremely sad for a few days, like baby blues. Then very broody. Then very horny. Back to normal after a month I would say. So not like you describe at all!

MrsAukerman Fri 01-Jul-16 13:24:34

Libido came back about 2 months after. No allergies. I think you just happen to be ill.

mrsmugoo Fri 01-Jul-16 16:28:19

Same as pp, after stopping breastfeeding I suddenly got sex drive back followed by broodiness! Was pg again not long after!

MedicineHat Fri 01-Jul-16 16:34:28

About 2 months of slightly screwy menstrual cycles & a bit of weight gain. Didn't realise how much cake I had been eating while BF! About the same time to feel less tired too. That was after a little over 12 months of BF.

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