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TT but no problems - snip, leave/wait?

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MindfulBear Sun 26-Jun-16 11:04:13

Hi I had DD almost 2 weeks ago. Totally different to DS. He had a PTT which was diagnosed by an ibclc in week 1 after I called her in due to pain and damaged nipples. Was not eventually fixed until week 4 due to me relying on the NHS for advice and being very poorly advised until I went back to the first ibclc and she referred me to someone that could perform the snip.
Had a horrid time - mastitis, thrush, failure to thrive, topping up with bm & ff, eventual low milk supply, double pumping 8 times a day, using an sns, finger/ tube feeding, took domperidone for a few months (following the dr jack Newman protocol starting with 9 tabs a day), BF not properly established until week 8 and did not stop worrying about DS weight until he was 5mo!!

This time round BF seems to have got off to a great start. She was up above her birthweight by day 4. She seems to feed well but she also has long sleeps. My breasts are full in the mornings and leak overnight but feel pretty floppy all day.
She does have a TT that the MW and I can both see and although I'm not experiencing pain my nipped do come out slightly squished on one side but she seems to be transferring the milk ok, can stick her tongue out (DS was over 6mo before he ever did that) and she seems a pretty happy baby.

However I am of course a little paranoid!!!
- am I damaging her by allowing her to sleep 5 or 6 hours straight over night?!
- do floppy breasts mean my supply is crap?!
- do flattened nipples now mean I will eventually have pain?!
- constantly worrying about her weight even though DH says I don't need to....

Are there any downsides to leaving the TT as is? Or would it be better to just have it snipped now?

I've been told a TT that isn't causing problems at birth can cause weight gain to slow between 8 & 12 weeks as baby stimulation of milk supply takes over from the hormonal driven supply. If it does cause problems then is the procedure as simple as in the first few weeks? I just remember that with DS it was so simple to rectify. A private ibclc MW came to the house. Watched a feed. Took a history. Got our her scissors and swabs and made the snip. The actual procedure took seconds and DS barely even reacted. Can the snip be performed in the same way - at home, with the clinical scissors and in seconds - if I wait to see if there is a feeding problem and therefore wait to have the procedure done until between week 10 & 14?

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