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Breastfeeding nightmare!

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Voddy4 Sat 25-Jun-16 22:15:20

After some help/advice if possible
My nearly 3 week old baby is breastfed, she feeds well but on a couple of feeds she screams and screams during feeding, it happens every evening feed and sometimes in the day. I notice she pulls back and when she's screaming I've noticed the milk is shooting out quite lot rather than coming out gently!! Can I stop this?? The evening feeds are lasting hours due to the screaming!!!
Thanks in advance

knaffedoff Sat 25-Jun-16 22:27:29

Try hand expressing before feeding, could be an oversupply of milk so reducing the let down may help.

Congratulations on your daughter flowers

Voddy4 Sun 26-Jun-16 02:31:33

Thanks for the reply I will try this x

Maybebabybee Sun 26-Jun-16 02:38:09

Sounds like overactive letdown to me, try hand expressing a little before the feed as this should help.

The kelly mom website is a great breastfeeding resource. Here's a link on babies who are fussy while nursing:

Voddy4 Sun 26-Jun-16 02:47:07

Thanks! There's some good info on that link x

youcantakethegirloutof Sun 26-Jun-16 04:17:33

It may also be their age too. At that early age be prepared for hours & hours of feeding in the evenings anyway as when they're that young they just cluster feed & can be really fussy in the evening.

timelytess Sun 26-Jun-16 05:12:41

Change positions - let her approach the nipple from different angles. Also don't leave it until she's 'hungry' to feed her, so that she isn't wound before she starts.
Having your main meal at lunchtime and a boost (smoothie?) mid afternoon can help promote supply in the early evening.

Voddy4 Sun 26-Jun-16 07:24:42

Thanks both, I'll give this a go,thank you x

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sun 26-Jun-16 07:28:18

It is most likely to be, as mentioned, an over active let down.

Voddy4 Sun 26-Jun-16 11:43:59

Thank you, this is my second baby but don't remember this from my first, it can get quite stressful the two hours of screaming each evening!

CityMole Sun 26-Jun-16 19:34:09

My baby did thus' and I have a fast let down and found that laid back breastfeeding (also called 'biological nurturing') helped slow the flow.

I also find around 3-4 weeks old he would kick off in the evening if he had been overstimulated. Read up on dr Howard chilton's views on 'colic'. We have followed his advice and the difference in our baby is marked. He's so much happier now.

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