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Broken boobs

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Bee14 Sat 25-Jun-16 20:39:25

At my wits end with boobs. DC2 is two weeks old, BF for 5 days after birth with tongue tie, but boobs so cut had to switch to expressing. DC1 also had tongue tie but managed to feed through until it was cut but pain unbearable with DC2 - seems to be a much stronger sucker.

Anyway tongue tie cut earlier this week but feeding is still incredibly painful. Have tried nipple shields and have wound dressings and anti bacterial cream but they are so sore (even shower is painful) and latching takes my breath away with the pain. Latch seems ok (lips curled has a good bit of boob in his mouth) although he's such a voracious feeder I don't think I get as much in his mouth as with his lazy sister and have also had it looked at by b'feeding consultant who think looks ok. Only suggestion is to remove him and re latch if it's uncomfortable, but it's always uncomfortable.

Have tried living down and rugby ball positions but anything which gives baby more room to wiggle is even worse.

Boobs are not as cut/crusty (nice!) as they were but are so tender and look swollen.... Any suggestions hugely appreciated....

I can recommend Sudocrem Care and Protect, it healed and soothed my nipples back from cracked and bleeding in 2 days. It needs to be washed off before feeding (but it soaks Ito the skin so I just wiped with wet cotton wool/wet wipe before feeding) then put on when you're finished. Also silicone nipple shields in your bra in between feeds can help, as it stops your nipples rubbing against the material/sticking to the breast pad. Good luck!

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