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11 mo, off food, off milk, off everything?

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FifiFerusha Wed 22-Jun-16 22:02:47

My DS is normally a little greedy boy. In one meal he will take the equivalent of a whole 7month jar(mostly give homemade slightly blended, but just thinking of an equivalent amount), fruit puree and a yoghurt, and finger foods. It is amazing how much he eats. For two days now I am struggling to get a few spoonfuls into him. Today he has eaten half a weetabix, four spoonfuls of homemade food, one baby meatball and a quarter of a jar( thought he may take to it). I even tried Heinz soup which I would not normally give but am struggling. . .he shook his head and pushed it away. He has refused all pudding(his favourites) and has had 5oz of milk all day. He has a cold and a slight temp yesterday but whenever he has been ill before he has never refused anything like this. I know my DD when through a fussy food phase at this age and really has been fussy ever since. I don't want this to happen to DS. I feel like every meal is a fight, whether it be milk or food. Shall I give up the fight and let him starve, not literally but it is becoming quite stressful. Do I need to take a step back? I also discovered though he would take a couple of strawberries but he gagged was sick(he has actually never done that before). Is it possible he is just really poorly. He managed to SS for bedtime and hasn't woken since. He is also playful and happy, so am not really sure what is going on. Any advice most welcome x

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