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sore boobs!

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SleepForTheWeak Tue 21-Jun-16 18:46:09

Hi - looking for some advice. My girl is 20 months now and still takes a feed if she wakes during the night and first thing in the morning.

She's not been well the last couple of days and has been unable/unwilling to feed from me. She tries to latch on but then comes off straight away and says no. She doesn't seem overly upset about it and is happy to settle with a cuddle instead.

As a result, I've gone a couple days without feeding her. Didn't think it would affect me too much but my God my boobs are sore!! I had to hand express off the worst side last night as i had a hard lump forming - only got a couple oz but it relieved the pressure. Now today the other side is so sore.

I've been wanting to wean her for a while, so wondering whether to take this as an opportunity. If she asks again and is successful I will continue to feed her, but in the meantime what should I do? If I keep expressing to relieve myself then I'll obviously continue to make milk. I'm worried about blocked ducts/mastitis, is it always like this when weaning and you just need to bare the pain?

Sorry, that was long winded!

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