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10 months- how many bottles

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UntidyAn0n Sun 19-Jun-16 18:11:21

Currently on 4 bottles 7oz

One in the middle of the night

Meals 9am, 1pm, 5pm ish

Baby isn't sleeping through yet, no teeth, lunch is finger foods but not much goes in.

Can anyone advise any changes that might help improve sleep. HV advised to drop the two daytime bottles and replace with snacks but baby isn't good at finger foods so very little goes in...
My instinct is telling me we need to wake up earlier? confused

dementedpixie Sun 19-Jun-16 20:17:15

I would aim to phase out the night one first by dropping the amount gradually over a period of time. I would then give a bottle in the morning before breakfast.

UntidyAn0n Sun 19-Jun-16 22:41:03

Good idea to start putting less in the night bottle..

Cornberry Mon 27-Jun-16 18:36:27

My GP told me to offer water instead of milk at night to discourage waking and it has helped a lot. Sometimes she wakes, has a bit of water and foes back to sleep immediately. We do

6-7 am 100ml of EBM
8-9 am breakfast
10am 200ml formula
1230pm lunch
3pm 200ml formula
6pm dinner
730pm 250ml formula

UntidyAn0n Mon 27-Jun-16 20:24:05

THANKYOU cornberry I may try that tonight. Wake up is only once now but anytime between 2:30 and 6:30

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