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I've found something even better than Lansinoh!!

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Bit of a random one but I felt I had to share, so anyone on my position can experience the immense relief I have today!

DS is 9 days old, feeding every 3-4 hours (except at night when he suddenly needs it every 2 hmm ) and ive had sore nipples since my milk came in at day 3. I've used Lansinoh religiously, changed our latch, but it was so bad yesterday I was wearing nipple shields in my bra between feeds and expressing from one side due to bleeding.
This morning DH suggested susocrem to heal that side, but all we had was Sudocrem Care and Protect from the bounty pack.

It is AMAZING!! Soreness was gone almost immediately! Obviously it needs washing off before feeding (although it soaks in quite well after a while so a quick wipe with a baby wipe was fine).

soki Sun 12-Jun-16 17:38:52

Thanks I will definitely try this. Been wondering if anything was as good as Lansinoh

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