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Medela pump broken please help

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Lg215 Sun 12-Jun-16 14:28:16

Hello I'm hoping you can help me. My Medela swing pump has broken. The suction just keeps going no release. It would suck the boob off me if I carried on. I think I dropped it..... I'm guessing the vacuum is broken? I've tried the running water through the pipe bit in case that would help but no joy.

If you know how to fix this issue with this pump please let me know.

Grateful for your help


Stellars Sun 12-Jun-16 19:33:11

Hammer? grin

Have you tried googling it, or tweeting them?

Kittyrobin Sun 12-Jun-16 19:36:45

Did you get it from Amazon by any chance? I had to return my breast pump which I brought from Amazon and they sent me a replacement next day free of charge. I just explained It was needed to feed my baby.

junemami Sun 12-Jun-16 19:57:04

Do you have a little round white valve on yours? The suction on mine went when that had a small tear in.

Lg215 Sun 12-Jun-16 23:40:11

Thanks for your replies X I did contact them but no response. My sister had given it to me so it wasn't new. I just bit the bullet and bought a new one. Keeping that receipt safe! Thanks

coveredinhopeandvaseline Wed 15-Jun-16 23:07:45

Seconding the PP about replacing the white valve.....they need replacing every few weeks if pumping regularly.

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