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Stressed about getting EBF baby to take bottle

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DappledThings Sat 11-Jun-16 17:20:26

DS is 17 weeks. He has had maybe 7 or 8 attempts at having a bottle of expressed milk of which only 2 have been successful but other attempts have ended up in screaming and it's stressful for all 3 of us.

We have been trying to do it when we know he is hungry but quickly enough to get bottle ready before he gets too cross. I leave the room so he isn't distracted by me and he will take a little then scream. DH keeps trying patiently but my ability to let them ride out the upset together is very low.

Have seen some tips on here we haven't tried yet about having something that smells of me but is our general approach right? I feel we should be happy with the small wins when he takes some and build on it so let him have the beast when he's upset. DH thinks we should persevere for longer so he doesn't start to think that he can give up on bottle and just get breast as soon as he complains. Should we push him more or should we keep the upset down by me stepping in?

In 6 weeks I'm meant to be away overnight at SIL-to-be's hen do and I can't see that happening at the moment but I can't bear how upset he gets when we try bottle.

windowsneedaclean Sat 11-Jun-16 17:27:32

It was recommended to one of my friends to make the experience completely different to bf. Get a completely different shaped teet and feed in a different way such as in a chair in front of the tv. Worked really well X

QuietlyPondering Sat 11-Jun-16 17:37:09

What bottles are you using? I had the same problem with my DS using Dr Brown. In the end we switched to NUK which have a teat shaped more like the nipple.

DappledThings Sat 11-Jun-16 17:47:42

Using Avent with medium flow teats. Started with the Medela ones with the Calma teats that are meant to be harder work and mimic taking it from the breast but I think they were too hard work for him and as bf is so established I don't think I need to worry about that now

Junosmum Mon 13-Jun-16 11:04:35

Afraid to say that I haven't managed it. I've tried 5 different bottles, tried having different people doing it, me not being there etc.

Still to try- using formula and using a sippy cup. We'll be trying the sippy cup this week.

DollyBarton Mon 13-Jun-16 11:11:34

I'd keep at it to be honest if it's something I wanted/needed. But I'd probably try it once or twice a day. When not too hungry (but not just fed either). Let him play with the test and chew on it etc. Don't fuss to much about getting the ounces in. You will find a lot will change in 6 weeks not least their hand eye coordination and how much thy love to put things in their mouths. But try daily without any forcing and let him discover that he can get milk from the bottle too. In a few weeks he'll be discovering he can get food off a spoon so if he can figure that out, he can figure the bottle out. Just try and keep stress out of it if you can.

DappledThings Tue 14-Jun-16 16:15:18

Thanks all. Will keep trying little bits now and again and hope he catches on!

user1464887935 Tue 14-Jun-16 18:32:49

I tried all sorts of bottles, including various 'boob-a-like' ones but to no avail. A little open babycup did the trick for us. I'd definitely say try one of those.

Cinnamon2013 Tue 14-Jun-16 18:38:12

In the same boat! What's an open baby cup? Mam and Nuk tests recommended to me, no luck yet but trying

Junosmum Tue 14-Jun-16 22:19:28

So, I have had a stoic bottle refuser. But I want. No, I need a break. We tried desperately - see my post above however whilst in tesco I picked up a cheap, tesco value old school type bottle. And he takes it! No issue at all. He's had 2 feeds out of it, with no issue. So basically, maybe, instead of buying another fancy bottle, try a cheap one!

user1464887935 Tue 14-Jun-16 22:29:09

Hi Cinnamon2013 they're mini cups, very cute. They look a bit like shot glasses but they are especially for feeding babies and also are used for weaning. They're on the JoJo Maman Bebe website. They've been brilliant for my little ones.

Cornberry Wed 15-Jun-16 22:26:37

second Junosmum. I bought the Boots cheapo bottles and she likes them!

randomsabreuse Wed 15-Jun-16 22:32:14

My DD was fine with tommy tippee bottles. We started with the slowest flow teat and only moved up at about 8 months. Other than that we offered before she was properly hungry and made sure the milk was exactly skin temperature - all techniques DH learned with lambs, calves and foals.

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