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nursing strike

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nursingstrike Thu 09-Jun-16 16:20:35

Have NC'd for this because I feel like such a crap parent.

Earlier today, 9mo DD bit me while feeding. Without even thinking about it I said ouch quite loudly and jumped back a little bit. She looked upset but didn't cry and I gave her lots of cuddles afterwards. Now she won't feed AT ALL and I am so worried that I've scared her into not wanting to feed anymore. She won't take a bottle and usually feeds to sleep so I'm not entirely sure what to do!

Has anyone had any experience of this?

minijoeyjojo Thu 09-Jun-16 16:35:33

Sorry I'm not much help as I haven't experienced the nursing strike element, but I just wanted to lend some moral support with biting babies. My 8mo bit me properly for the first time yesterday - I also screeched, she cried as I made her jump so much! It did really hurt though - drew blood angry Your reaction was completely normal, it bloody hurts! Don't feel like a crap parent.

I really hope your DD comes around soon, could you try singing or white noise to comfort her and encourage her to latch?

My DD did the exact same thing just before her 1st birthday. It's hard not to Yelp when you're bitten, it hurts!

She was on strike for 13 days. I'm told this is much longer than usual (typically it's over within 5-6) but then she is pretty strong willed like her mother.

I would keep offering in a light hearted way, make it into a game, lots of skin to skin etc. DD finally latched on after I played a game with a teething toy (good to have on hand for "here bite this") where I bit it and offered it to her to bite.

Just to reassure you DD went on to feed until she was 2.25. Babies rarely self wean in this manner or this young, there is usually a reduction in feeds over time and typically self weaning takes place somewhere between 2.5 and 7 if mum continues to offer on demand

Try and stay calm and work on regaining her trust, she'll be feeding again in no time smile

nursingstrike Thu 09-Jun-16 16:51:35

nicecup did it affect your milk supply? DD won't take formula or my milk from a bottle so I'm a little bit worried that she's not going to be getting everything she needs.

minijoeyjojo Thu 09-Jun-16 17:01:55

Can you use a sippy cup or doidy cup to feed her? Mine refused a bottle, but drank milk out of the doidy cup.

nursingstrike Thu 09-Jun-16 17:04:13

I've tried both mini she will quite happily take water from a tommee tippee cup but turns her nose up at everything else!

minijoeyjojo Thu 09-Jun-16 17:10:30

How about sneaking it into her food? Lots of runny porridge etc! They are just sent to worry us aren't they

My supply wasn't affected at all. I did express enough to feel comfortable and offered it casually in a sippy cup which she took intermittently.

It's easy to be calm about it now but I was beside myself at the time, terrified she would never go back to it or my supply would disappear and I'd get horrific mastitis etc....none of that happened and despite lots of people telling me she had just given up I persevered and it was totally worth it.

Hang in there

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