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How much milk should I expect my 5 mo baby to drink when I return to work?

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1Catherine1 Fri 03-Jun-16 14:00:24

So, I'm going back to work on Monday sad My beautiful DS will be home alone all day with DH for the first time. DS can take from a bottle but prefers not to. We have done a number of settling in sessions at the childminder and he has learnt he can hold out for 4 hours (the length of the sessions) but is really hungry at that point. When home with me, he feeds every 2 - 3 hours.

I will be leaving for work at 7:30am and will arrive home at 5pm. I plan to feed him in the morning right before I leave, then if he holds out for as long as he can, I expect he'll be really hungry and eat at around 11:30am, then be less reluctant for a second bottle at around 3pm.

My question is, how much milk do I need to have ready for him? I currently have enough for two bottles ready with 3 fl oz each as the most he has taken at a feed at the moment is 1.5 oz. Is this too little? It is a lot less than he would take from me and there is plenty of milk frozen if he needs it.

What amounts should I expect on a daily basis?

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