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Reduced supply after expressing

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Agrippina90 Thu 02-Jun-16 09:01:45

I don't think it's my imagination... I have rarely expressed for my 9-month old because I've rarely needed to leave him and he's a bottle-refuser who happily reverse cycles. But in two weeks I need to leave him from 9am-6pm so want to leave some milk.

When I do express I get plenty of milk but my breasts seem to take a couple of days to 'refill' properly. I expressed 4oz off one side yesterday. That side still feels 'empty' now and baby has been frustrated feeding on that side. He was also feeding hourly during the night rather than once or twice. This is the same pattern as when I've expressed before.

Has anyone else had this? Is there a solution? or am I misinterpreting? I was going to express during my day away from him but now not sure whether I should if it's bad for my supply and he won't be feeding all day to fix it.


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