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6.5 months struggling with v. distractible bf baby!

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babypeach Tue 31-May-16 18:22:18

Hi there

My ds has been difficult to feed since around 3 weeks but recently is got so much worse I'm struggling to continue!

He will not feed at all unless we are in a very quiet room with no one else around or he has got to the point of being exhausted and needs to to sleep.

If anyone is around or the tv etc is on he won't nurse. It used to be ok so long as the place was quiet but now it is just impossible. This week beng half term I have dd at home. Essentially he will not feed unless I take him upstairs and leave dd alone which us sad. We also can't go out for long as he refuses point blank to feed anywhere but home and generally needs a feed every 2.5 hours to get enough milk.

We're blw and he really enjoys it but am aware we can't use food to replace missed feeds at such an early stage.

Anyone been through this will it pass or should I start giving formula in cup? (I can't ever express enough for a feed sadly).

Any ideas appreciated smile

poocatcherchampion Tue 31-May-16 18:33:25

It will pass. Keep persevering

Also my D's was not eating much at all on blw at 6.5,mo and now at 7m has completely clicked and has dropped a couple of feeds and most night feeds. Totally unexpected as he was premature and I was feeding him every 2h and now he is def eating 3 meals and asks for them too!

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