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how to drop last breast feed?

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firsttimejoj Sun 22-May-16 21:41:40


I'm currently weaning my 7 month old daughter off the breast and am unsure of how to drop the one remaining breast feed of the day. Over the last 10 days I've successfully dropped three of the four breastfeeds I give her without any significant pain. Two days ago I dropped the final feed and then my plan went haywire as I've got breast pain, engorgement, lumps, feel a bit ill and am afraid of getting mastitis.

I've successfully relieved the pain with cabbage leaves, expressing tiny amounts twice and then reverting to feeding my daughter a little bit this afternoon which made my symptoms disappear.

I've read conflicting advice on how to cut this final feed and am unsure which one to follow. Unfortunately I need to stop as soon as possible. Can anyone tell me what's best?

Advice I've read is:
1) gradually reduce by feeding once every other day and then once every three days ect.
2) feed once a day but only do half a feed on each breast?
3) completely stop and massage out the lumps when they appear.
4) completely stop and do nothing with the lumps and engorgement.

Thanks so much.

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