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Help with using Infant Gaviscon please (bf baby)

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lostindubai Thu 19-May-16 21:31:41

How do you give this to a 5 week old without feeling like you're torturing them?

And how come it doesn't mix to a paste like it says it should?


ClutterofStarlings Fri 20-May-16 03:43:46

Okay, I can't answer about the paste mixing, but we needed to give colic drops to our wee one. I'm afraid I never found a really good method, just used to syringe it in & hope she forgave me!
So screaming because colic, became screaming because she clearly thought we were trying to poison her.
Hope it gets better.

LostAtTheFair Fri 20-May-16 03:49:24

I try to give it to DS when he is hungry and before injecting it into his mouth I try to let him suck on the syringe and then I very gradually release the liquid into his mouth from the syringe - sort of so he thinks that it's his sucking which is producing the liquid.
I know what you mean about the paste - it isn't paste-like for me either!

2ManySweets Fri 20-May-16 03:51:25

We mixed it in with her milk, both expressed and formula.

Watch out, Gaviscon can cause a bit of constipation in babies so if you can, do plenty "cycling legs", clockwise tummy rubs and foot rubs (your thumb running the underside of baby's foot firmly) to - erm - "move things along".

Also: Gaviscon for reflux, infacol for colic x

gubbinsy Fri 20-May-16 04:01:34

It's a total ball ache with bf babies. We cut down the amount of liquid to 5ml I think and used 2.5ml syringes as small. It stays gritty I think but you can get a reasonable paste with less water. We gave up and went back for ranitidine- worked better and only needs to be given twice a day so far less stressful!

Jenijena Fri 20-May-16 04:38:46

I've been spoon feeding it, but have now progressed to ranitidine. The GP said not to sweat on the gaviscon (we're putting it into any expressed milk he has) as not really designed for bf babies. Four days worth of gaviscon poo wasn't much fun either...

QforCucumber Fri 20-May-16 04:50:26

Calpol syringe. Ds seems to love it though and licks the syringe throughout.

lostindubai Fri 20-May-16 08:34:58

Thank you. Tried the syringe this morning which was calmer but she still spat most of it out, which makes me feel like it's all a waste of time. Is the ranitidine any more appealing?

SunnyL Fri 20-May-16 08:45:37

We're using the syringe as well. It's an arse especially when you have to stop bf halfway to give it which means leaving your boob out while you put gaviscon in.

However we've gone from her screaming and dribbling most of it down her chin to her being relatively calm and taking it all. That's 1 week now.

Jenijena Fri 20-May-16 10:14:06

Ranitidine is a much smaller volume although tastes / smells of something other than the bland of gaviscon...they also act in different ways but the GP said as the ranitidine is absorbed into the bloodstream, it's not the first medicine they call on. DS2 7weeks) has been on it since Monday and is marginally happier!

lostindubai Fri 20-May-16 11:25:20

Thank you both. Glad yours is taking it now Sunny. How many days was it before you got to that stage?

Fair enough Jeni I can understand them going to this first, but I'm wondering if the stress (to both of us) is worth it...

SunnyL Fri 20-May-16 12:30:02

Lost its probably only the last couple of days she's stopped screaming every time (still does occasionally)

Jenijena Sun 22-May-16 08:03:45

Lost, definitely go back to the GP and say gaviscon isn't working. Administering gaviscon to bf babies us yet another thing to make bfing harder than it ought to be.

lostindubai Sun 22-May-16 11:00:58

Thanks, I've been back to the GP and told to stop the Gaviscon. So relieved I can't tell you! She's putting on weight so we're just going to see how it goes now. Seem to be managing a lot of the sickness by keeping her upright after feeds and her Moses basket raised at the head end.

No way am I going to risk our bf relationship, after feeding ds for 31 months!

I now know what you mean about 'Gaviscon poo' btw. shock

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