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Very saggy small boobs- breast feeding?

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Heyjude16 Wed 18-May-16 09:29:27

Hi, due to constant weight loss/weight gain for the past 10 years my breasts are ruined.

I am really keen to give breast feeding a go but I am concerned my breasts are just too saggy to be of any use. I'm not talking at all within the realms of normal sag, I look like those photos of women before they have uplifts after losing tonnes of weight.

Not wishing to labour the point, but I looked up some old threads and the women really didn't sound to have anywhere near the same shape as me - I really cannot wear bras other than push up, very padded and structured styles to pour myself into. My nipples point towards the floor with no tissue kind of underneath the lowest point if that makes sense, which is where I thought the baby would latch on. So aside from the horror of having to wear nursing bras which really don't help my body confidence, will I actually be able to feed my baby with such saggy spaniels ears?

Any tips on maybe positioning or if I should have formula at the ready in case the baby just can't cope with them would be marvellous.

Underbella Wed 18-May-16 10:19:08

Hi Jude

My nipples point in different directions and it's just a case of realising where baby should be positioned in relation to nipple direction if you see what I mean!

In the early days and weeks I did have to lift my boob a tiny bit to help DD latch on. Just a tiny lift up above the nipple with a finger.

Now DD is older and bigger I don't bother now. She can seek out the nipple fine herself.

You know ladies from African tribes who don't wear bras and have flat elongated boobs? They seem to manage it fine!

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