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Breastfeeding in the Media

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tracyhay Mon 21-Oct-02 13:10:45

I have recently complained to the bbc as "the shiny show" portrayed the only way of feeding baby was by bottle!! confused my 3 yrd old.
come to think of it have u ever seen a baby straight to breast in holby city?
good news about Friends though! Rachel bfs in the new series and thinks it is wonderful!


Lizzer Mon 21-Oct-02 13:46:19

Hey tracyhay, excellent news about Friends! Aparently so does miranda in the new 'sex and the city' series.

I am with you on the shiny show, I noticed it too and dd said to me, 'the baby has mummy's milk too?' Which i reassured her was correct, but still confusing for a child who has never had a bottle. One thing I wonder is if the beeb would have had MORE people complaining about showing breast feeding on cbeebies than they have done from sticking to showing bottles??

Rosy Mon 21-Oct-02 15:45:02

We've got a Tweenies that we recorded off the TV about Fizz getting excited about her mum having a new baby. They watched a video about new babies and they showed the mother breastfeeding (in hospital and at home), and the big sister giving the baby a bottle. A pretty good balance I thought.

emsiewill Mon 21-Oct-02 17:35:23

This is off topic, but a reflection of how sad I am. When I read Rosy's message about Fizz's mum having a new baby, I thought "Oh, I didn't know that, I wish we still watched the Tweenies, I hate missing out on their news"
Still, I am the woman who watched one episode of the Tweenies thinking "Fizz's hair's really grown"

batey Mon 21-Oct-02 20:28:45

LOL emsiwill. Off the point again but anyone else noticed in The Hoobs it's only the girl Hoob, Tula who does any cooking/ cleaning.......Hmmmm?

tracyhay Tue 22-Oct-02 13:13:35

i laugh at jokes in the tweenies, particuarly like jake's joke anout cliff richard!

anais Tue 22-Oct-02 20:45:47

Must have missed that one, care to repeat it Tracy?!

tracyhay Tue 22-Oct-02 23:33:53

it's been a while (tyler has gone off tweenies recently) but i think it was max explaining what a cliff was to jake and jake said that his mum like his songs!
I quite liked the abba type tribute a xmas too! How sad am i! I will be happy the day Bob gets it on with Wendy too! After that line dancing episode you could tell she was after a bit of Bob!


Ghosty Wed 23-Oct-02 09:06:02

Tracey, I've also (in my sadder moments) wondered if Wendy fancied Bob and vice versa!!! Really need to go out more don't I? Mind you I went to a party the other night (invited by a friend who has not got kids yet) and found I couldn't dance as no one could play me the theme tune to Bob or the Tweenies ...

On the B/F on telly front - I guess the reason it isn't shown that much is maybe because a) the actresses don't want to bear any flesh and b) unfortunately there are some very warped people out there who would complain about it as 'rude'

I agree with all of you in that it is wrong to just see babies being bottle fed ...

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