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Can I trust my 6 week old baby to feed as often as she needs?

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lovemakespeace Mon 16-May-16 07:48:17

Hello - looking for some reassurance (or not!). My DD is 6 weeks today. She is breastfed on demand. She was slow to take to BF - lost 11% day 3 but then gained steadily and was back to her birthweight by 3 weeks (no top ups etc). Hasn't been weighed since then.

During the day she is always offered, and takes, both sides. At night I was doing the same even though she was asleep after the first side I would unswaddle her to wake her up to get her to take the second. She has a little cold at the moment so a couple nights ago she woke 2 hours after going to sleep which is short for her so I thought I would just give her a comfort nurse and put her back. I didn't unswaddle and just gave her one side. She then slept for 5 hours!! So since it seems good for me if she takes in her calories during the day rather than night I thought at night I would try leaving her in her swaddle when she wakes and just giving one side and putting her back and see what happens.

First night she woke twice between about 9.30 and 6.45 and one side each time. Last night she only woke once between 9.15 and 7!! Took one side and went back. So one side didn't do any work all night - although she just had a nice feed from that one now. With my previous kids I'm sure my boobs would have felt pretty full from that long a gap at this age but they seemed fine this morning (although pretty sure that doesn't mean much?!).

During the day I basically feed her whenever she asks and then I offer regularly too when she is awake. She sleeps a lot in the morning at the moment and then from 1pm - 9ish she probably nurses on and off every 1-2 hours with short sleeps in between.

Sorry this is so long - my question is - is it ok to only offer one side at night and if she is content and sleeps assume she is ok? I think I can trust her at this age to take what she needs? I'm not worried about nappy output. She is happy and alert when awake, starting smiling etc. She seems really well.

And don't worry - she is my 3rd I know this won't last but was just hoping to enjoy every manageable night that comes my way. And I can't quite shake a niggly worry about supply / her getting enough which I think from all my reading is needless?

Thanks so much for any insight.

amysmummy12345 Mon 16-May-16 07:51:13

As long as she's putting on weight and plenty of wet/dirty nappies, I think I'd be happy with that 😊

babypeach Mon 16-May-16 15:17:34

As Amy said if you're happy that nappy output is good and she seems alert when awake and is asking for feeds then yes she should be fine I would think, especially as she seems to have a good period of frequent feeding in the evening.

In terms of supply then it is true that especially early on, night feeds are important in establishing and maintaining supply but I would think your supply is probably established enough from what you've said.
It sounds like she's doing fine smile

Cakescakescakes Mon 16-May-16 15:26:42

My boys normally only ever fed from one side per feed. I had a bit of over supply though. So that was definitely enough for them.

lovemakespeace Mon 16-May-16 19:44:06

Thanks a lot everyone - she is on and off all afternoon really (I've been paying more attention today!) so I suspect she tops up then. I need to get her weighed for her docs check so I will go Thursday afternoon I think and see how she is doing.

Meanwhile I will try and enjoy the rest! If it hasn't come to an end already that is!! Her sister put paid to that last night wink

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