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8 week old fussing at the breast

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GipsyDanger Sun 15-May-16 17:22:36

For the past week or so my ds has began getting fussy after about 10 mins on the breast. He constantly de-latches/ tries to relatch himself and will cry/scream if I take him away. Even if I put him on the other side he will still cry as if he's still hungry. He doesn't really need burped but does cry/strain when passing (very smelly) gas. No constipation. He arches his body making it really difficult to confort/ hold him. He does sleep about 7 hours every night with a rare feed in between but he's always been a good sleeper. Any tips?

BeakyMinder Sun 15-May-16 17:31:48

Lots of babies that age go through a really fussy phase when they suddenly start complaining about things that seemed fine before. It might be that you have a really plentiful milk supply and it's flowing too fast for comfort, that would cause all the bobbing on and off again. Does he feed better when he's sleepy?

This page is helpful:

I had this problem with both my DDs and what fixed it was block feeding.

GipsyDanger Sun 15-May-16 17:57:03

He's also bubbling at the mouth and sucks his hands/fingers when settled. I'll try feeding lying back

icclemunchy Sun 15-May-16 18:23:29

Do you have a local la leche group? I've always found them fab for advice (and the can have a look see if there's something needs tweeking) if not their helpline is 24/7

GipsyDanger Sun 15-May-16 19:28:25

Noting local unfortunately, I tried lying back when I fed and he didn't cry when he came off

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