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10 week old gaining too slowly

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HclSeagull79 Fri 13-May-16 10:58:02

Hi, I'm new to mumsnet but am feeling v confused about my daughter's weight gain today so could use some thoughts from the wise mumsnetters!

She's almost 11 weeks old, and was 4kg at birth. She was weighed fairly regularly at first and all was going well - I now see on her chart that she was actually dropping below her original line but no one obviously thought it was a concern so they didn't alert me to it, just said she was doing really well.
Yesterday I took her for first time in three weeks and she's at 5.25kg and they said she's well below her original centile and I have to bring her in again next week and they might refer me if she hasn't gained more.
I feel quite gutted cos I thought it was all going really well. She's EBF and does tend to fall asleep at the breast, but she keeps on chuggin away even with her eyes closed. I do find it hard to know sometimes whether she has finished or is still going, so I leave her as I don't want her to miss the hind milk. Sometimes she is on one breast for like an hour or so.
The HV said she looks well otherwise, and she seems happy as Larry and is doing everything she should be as regards development otherwise.
I had noticed my breasts feel much less full the past week or so, but I think my supply is still ok - I still end up with sodden breast pads when she has a long sleep at night!
The thing about 6 wet nappies a day - do they have to be super heavy, or is the blue line 'wetness indicator' enough to count it as a wet one?
Sorry for the essay, has anyone else had this issue, and what would you suggest? I feel really worried as I really don't want to have to start topping her up with formula. We haven't even managed to get her to take a bottle yet!
Thanks in advance for any thoughts xx

bigmamapeach Fri 13-May-16 11:44:49

Can you get help from someone in person with the positioning and attachment so you make sure the feeds are as efficient as possible and maximise milk transfer? Any groups in your area?
Have you heard about breast compressions -- to trigger letdown and get baby sucking again, once they are asleep on the breast -- you should see big gulping swallows again; if baby asleep on breast, they may just be doing the little light "flutter sucks" which are non-nutritive suckling, so they aren't swallowing actively when doing that. Try and get to/look for lots of ACTIVE swallowing when baby at breast -- deep swallows. Lots of switching, compression etc, to get the feeds as efficient as poss. If compressions don't wake the baby up again and get them swallowing again, they prob have had enough and just want to sleep!
Kellymom has good pages on this.
Lots of responsive feeding, 8-12 feeds per day, looking for baby's cues sticking tongue out, sucking fists, mouthing, rooting etc.
Babies will move about and not always stick on exactly the same centile, but the professionals will know more about interpreting the exact situation for your baby.
great she is developing so well and ebf is feeling good. If she is having long sleeps at night, at this age it would be pretty unlikely she isn't getting enough milk as she would wake if she wants more! (newborns can be sleepy if they aren't feeding well, but can't imagine that would be the case at 11 weeks in healthy baby!)

HclSeagull79 Fri 13-May-16 12:29:33

Thanks so much for this.
I'm going to see the local bf consultant about the efficiency of the feeding. I think that might be the problem as she doesn't tend to do massive big swallows for very long.
I don't really understand why they didn't alert me to the dropping weight gain before, I feel like we might have been getting into bad habits!
But surely she'd be a much crankier baby if she was hungry all the time?!

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