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Help with weaning 2year old?

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Rinceoir Wed 11-May-16 04:27:23

I've been trying to wean my 2year old for some time but it's proving very distressing. I'm quite happy most of the time-usually she has a quick feed before bed, sleeps through the night 80% of the time. However on the occasions she wakes up she becomes hysterical if I won't feed her. She claws at me, pulls at my clothes, pinches me, wants to latch for hours and will not unlatch. If I'm not there she will settle perfectly well for my husband. I don't mind her coming in to my bed at all if she wakes but the constant clawing for milk drives me crazy. Tonight she woke an hour ago, and despite me trying to comfort her in other ways I've ended up coming to sleep on my very uncomfortable couch because I just can't deal with it (have just come off nights and slept a total of 10hours since Friday). I can't just ignore her at let her scream as we live in a midterrace house with paper thin walls.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to gently wean her?

Out2pasture Wed 11-May-16 04:43:32

if you can leave her with your hubby or family for 48 hours or so you might stop producing and your daughter might forget how to nurse. so that when you're reunited with her you can explain that the milk is "all gone". worked well for my daughter.

MangosteenSoda Wed 11-May-16 05:03:32

Was about to suggest the same as ^^

Have yourself a relaxing weekend away. To do it proper Mumsnetty style, make sure you go to a spa hotel.

Rinceoir Wed 11-May-16 11:43:26

Thanks all, I don't know if a weekend would be long enough. Maybe I need a spa week... I'm feeling a bit more rational after a few hours sleep. I think I will have to go for a while unfortunately. I wouldn't mind keeping going with an evening feed, it's just the frenzied behaviour at night I can't stand.

squizita Wed 11-May-16 13:04:53

Go for a spa weekend and then make DH do nights for a few days? You've done the long haul so it's quite reasonable to ask for a favour until she's able to settle.

I am probably going to do this soon. With mine though, teething = bubboo demands. Other times she is fine.

I did get her onto a beaker of regular milk before bed, then caved so now she has both!!! grin Ah well, calcium AND antibodies, she'll have champion bones LOL.

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