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when to move to solids?

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pandora0 Fri 06-May-16 11:12:10

Hi all! Just a quick thread to ask when you all moved all your lovely dcs to solids? I'm not talking proper meals more abit of baby rice or half a rusk etc. My little girl is 3 months, I was under the impression you tend to introduce these sort of foods around month 4 but my health visitor has told me the professional advice is to wait until 6 months? My daughter is a very hungry baby and I just feel she doesn't get enough from formular, every mum I've spoken to has said they did it at 4 months and some even sooner! I'd love to know what age other parents did it?

CMOTDibbler Fri 06-May-16 11:13:37

6 months. Formula will be providing your dd with all she needs right now

DonkeyOaty Fri 06-May-16 11:18:56

nhs guidance here

TinyTear Fri 06-May-16 11:27:16

6 months.

hungry it will be the 4 month growth spurt/sleep regression

and baby rice has no nutritional value and rusks are full of sugar... do fruit and veg and then once they are older and steal the biscuit you are eating from your hand and try to dip it in your coffee just let them loose grin

Flossiesmummy Fri 06-May-16 11:29:00

6 months is best for most (almost all) babies.

IMO hungry does not equal ready for solids.

pandora0 Fri 06-May-16 11:34:38

Wow these responses have surprised me! I know loads of mums who've given their baby a rusk etc at 4 months! At least I won't be the odd one out for waiting now! Lol, Thankyou all

TinyTear Fri 06-May-16 11:42:37

I waited to 6 months... now at 12 months my cheeky monkey steaks my food if i don't keep it away from her... the other day i turned for a second to find her munching my chocolate eclair!

SpeakNoWords Fri 06-May-16 11:52:56

Just under 6 months with my DS1. Baby rice has much fewer nutrients in it than breastmilk or formula, and rusks even fewer. If your baby is growing well on formula then why would you want to change that, earlier than the general NHS advice of 6 months?

Junosmum Fri 06-May-16 19:24:19

Advice from my nhs trust is to wait until they can sit unaided, ave a pincer grip (pointy finger and thumb) and the reflex that automatically pushes things out of their mouths has gone. This things happen around 6months.

It's also not advisable to give things like rusks and baby rice as they have little nutritional value. Much better to give fruit and vegetables, such as lightly cooked carrot batons, soft pear, avocado.

My DS is 4 months and has recently got a lot hungrier (he's breastfed so no idea how much he's taking but he's practically never off me this week!) But this is normal development and I'm not even considering giving him solids yet.

As a guide- if they can't get it themselves, they can't have it! My ds can find my Boob with his eyes closed but cannot pick up a carrot stick!

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