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Lunch for an 8 mth old

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alphaechokiwi Wed 04-May-16 13:01:44

Hi, any ideas or tips would be most welcome from wiser more experienced mums. This is my first child and I'm a bit flummoxed. Lunch is becoming problematic for my 8 month old dd.
Breakfast is porridge, fruit and toast - she eats a modest amount. Dinner is generally whatever we are having, tonight it will be fish, peas and mashed potatoes
She eats a good amount at dinner, she loves meat and mashed potatoes especially. I offer snacks mid morning and afternoon ( fruit rice cakes) but she isn't very interested usually.
Lunch used to be an Ella's pouch with fruit rice cakes etc. But she doesn't seem to want them any more ( I think she doesn't like the mushy texture). Today I offered yoghurt, an ella's pouch, toast, Clementine segments, rice cakes and cheese, all of which she played with, tasted but did't eat anything much. This happens most lunchtimes now, it doesn't seem to matter what I give her. She cries, gets distressed and wants to be out of her high chair.
She drinks water with meals and is breastfeed. She usually has two breastfeeds during the day, one mid morning, one mid afternoon. She also has the breast at night before bed and a 3am feed.
Any ideas on what I could try her with at lunch, or other ideas on what might be upsetting her at lunchtime?

FATEdestiny Wed 04-May-16 14:46:58

Could she be overly hungry or tired at lunchtime? Both these can make the meal difficult.

Lunch ideas:
- buffet style ploughman's is my fave toddler lunch. Piles of different things on the highchair: a cut up piece of ham or chicken, chunks of cheese, cocktail sausage, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and carrot battens, slice of buttered bread. Whatever is in the fridge really.
- Omelette
- Sandwiches
- Something on toast
- Pasta salad

FreeButtonBee Wed 04-May-16 14:52:30

French toast
Scrambled egg (I make it more like a broken up soft omelette so it's easy to pick up)
Pitta and hummus
Cherry tomatoes
Beans on toast (mush the beans into the toast)
Sweetcorn fritters
Bread chunks dipped in soup

alphaechokiwi Wed 04-May-16 16:30:04

Thanks for the responses. Great suggestions which I will start trying out. She may also be tired, so I might try a nap before lunchtime if she will go for it.
Thanks again

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 04-May-16 17:03:31

Beans on toast (toast cut into soldiers)
Ditto scrambled eggs
Cheese and tomato quesadilla is DS' fave
Agree about the ploughmans, tried that the other day and DS loved it!
Jacket potato (small one done in microwave) with tuna mayo

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