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Could my milk be drying up?

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Georgeofthejungle Wed 27-Apr-16 23:36:57

We are on week 8 of exclusive breast feeding. I use shields as they helped when I was really sore and now we are a bit stuck on them. We are weaning off but giving it a bit of time.
Anyway, recently there have been some changes - I don't really get engorged and hard anymore and hardly any leakage unless I'm overdue or feeding. Also my little boy seems to become frantic towards the end of the feed, so I switch him where he does the same at the end of that one. And I have to keep going back and forth until he is satisfied. This never used to be the case at all.

Could my milk be drying up? Or is he just not coping well with a slower flow? He is gaining weight fine but it's only been this past week I've noticed these changes. He has also gone back to sucking his hand inbetween feeds..

TreeSparrow Wed 27-Apr-16 23:41:53

When you say frantic, what do you mean? I wouldn't switch sides until he comes off that side on his own. Then offer the other. I'm no expert though so hopefully someone now knowledgeable will be along soon.

MrsRyanGosling15 Wed 27-Apr-16 23:47:43

Lots of people think this is a sign of their milk drying up but not being engorged and leaking etc is usually just your body starting to regulate your feeds and a good sign. I remember this with my 1st and almost let well meaning but uninformed family members talk me into stopping. I really think with breastfeeding knowledge is power. Get on kellymom and read all about it. Join Facebook groups are even go to a group. I found my health visitor rubbish for any advice. He could also be having a growth sprut too. Download the wonder weeks app, I found it really helpful for spotting the leaps. You are over the 1st 6 weeks, we'll done. Just keep confident.

Georgeofthejungle Wed 27-Apr-16 23:51:34

Frantic as in starts shaking his head and waving arms and 'I'm about to lose my shit if you don't feed me mum' like breathing..

He is not being sick as mush as usual either which makes me think he's not getting as much.

I thought maybe I was regulating better but doesn't explain his behaviour.. Maybe is a growth spurt... I will download the app.

BusyCee Wed 27-Apr-16 23:56:11

And Google let Leche league. Experts in BFing advice and guidance and have trained counsellors across the country. As PP said get informed and then make the decision that's right for you

TimeOfGlass Wed 27-Apr-16 23:59:32

He might be due a growth spurt?

DS2 used to up his feeding a lot before growth spurts, and it would take a day or two for the milk supply to increase to match the increased demand.

If there are any breastfeeding support groups local to you it might be worthwhile dropping into one. Or FB groups as a pp suggests.

Georgeofthejungle Thu 28-Apr-16 00:03:06

I could offer a formula top up but I know he would take it and don't want to create a monster I can't keep up with. I am able
To satisfy himself just take a wee while back and forth. That said he has cut his feeding time by about 15 mins to around 30mins now.. Also a concern but then maybe he is just getting more efficient.

MrsRyanGosling15 Thu 28-Apr-16 00:08:52

I honestly think this sounds like a completely normal breastfed baby on a growth sprut. Is he your first? If you have no other ones to look after I would take myself of to bed for the day, stick him on and just let him have free reign. Kellymom was like my bible in the early days, it really will put your mind at rest. And the fact he is putting on weight and not being sick anymore just shows that he is getting all he needs.

timelytess Thu 28-Apr-16 00:14:07

Sounds normal to me. Feed on demand (a couple of minutes in every 20 would seem right to me with such a young baby) and don't worry. Watch his skin tone.

putthePuffindown Thu 28-Apr-16 00:15:20

Sounds like cluster feeding, it's normal and yes it really makes you feel like you're not managing doesn't it? Here's a link about it I found useful (when I was googling about whether my milk was drying up!! smile)

Georgeofthejungle Thu 28-Apr-16 05:46:04

Thanks for the advice folks. Glad it doesn't sound like I'm drying up. We are not ready to stop yet!

<timely> what am I looking out for with skin tone?

tiktok Thu 28-Apr-16 15:03:22

Yes, I 'm wondering what an eight week old baby's skin tone would reveal - timelytess, not sure what you're suggesting to the OP?

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