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help! mastitis :(

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Poppytime Mon 25-Apr-16 15:53:12

I seem to have got mastitis - DS is 6.5 months so unexpected. Saturday had hard sore lump in boob then woke up Sunday and it was worse, streaky red and I had a temp. Got to out of hours doc and got out on 500g penicillin (fluoxo something) 4 x a day, but i still don't feel better yet. Top section of boob is all red now and a bit purple sad I'm trying to feed but I started giving DS a bottle of formula mid morning for the past month so it's quite a chunk of the day I'm not feeding for. How long until I should start to feel better? I've got a 2 yo DD the look after too and it's been really tough today as I'm shivering and feeling sht. Ask scaring myself that it's actually inflammatory breast cancer, misdiagnosed as mastitis so getting a bit teary! Help! How long should I give it before i call docs?

Figuringitout Mon 25-Apr-16 22:34:43

Poor you, mastitis is horrible. Antibiotics should clear it pretty quickly- they did with mine. I know it's super painful but try to feed (or pump) the sore boob first to help with the blockage/relieve pressure. The milk is fine and it will help you to feel better - maybe even feed (if you can bear it) instead of the bottle until it settles?
If you still feel really unwell tomorrow I would call the Dr again for some advice.
Sorry you're suffering, hope you are much better soon.

SuburbanRhonda Mon 25-Apr-16 22:37:22

I had it a couple of times and the flu-like symptoms are awful until the ABs start working. They will, though, and you will feel better. Agree, keep pumping or expressing if you're not feeding.

ZenNudist Mon 25-Apr-16 22:48:27

Sympathies been there. It's not cancer. Mastitis sucks. The treatment should help. If it's not go back to your doctor. Ask for an ultrasound scan. Check for abcess. Abscess won't go away without being drained. Hopefully it's just mastitis. Not trying to scare you, take it from me is worth getting checked out.

Fucking painful. Give up the bottle feed and put baby on the boob. Better than pumping and you need to keep feeding to get the lump to clear. Try massaging the lump when you feed. Also hot baths, hit showers, hit flannels alternated with cold ones and massage. It's awful. Rest up.

Have you got anyone who can look after the 2yo. You're going to keep struggling on I you're anything like me and all the other new mums I know who get ill then think they have to keep going find hell of high water. You are ill. Rest will help you get better quicker. Please rest.


I always jump on mastitis threads. I really sympathise.

ZenNudist Mon 25-Apr-16 22:49:43

^hot, not hit

Plus done other typos...

Poppytime Tue 26-Apr-16 06:58:29

Thank you all - 2 yo in nursery today so will be able to rest a bit more. Had a bad night, woke up very hot, after shivering when went to bed, still got a temperature even after paracetamol sad boob feels even more sore. Should I try and call GP today or give antibiotics more time? Thanks to all who have replied thanks

Poppytime Tue 26-Apr-16 12:51:57

Oh dear looks like I am off to a&e, temp rocketing and doc wants me seen sad really stressed as haven't done DS lunch and trying to get hold of DH to help out and so he can pick up DD later (thank god today is a nursery day). Thanks for everyone's support in this and the other thread (I posted twice by mistake). Dread to think what's in store for me next!

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