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so there's a thread

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Jemappelle Mon 25-Apr-16 12:42:35

On AIBU called "to prioritise my husband work?" Where a certain HCP called stillwith is claiming that BF has dubious health benefits, and beyond 1 year old is linked to iron deficiency and D deficiency and that non BF babies don't get deficient

I've tried arguing with them but it does worry me that these sorts of remarks are made and then read by lurkers and its misinformation innit angry

Just saying. tiktok I hope you can have a look and confirm here if not there that she is wrong!

tiktok Mon 25-Apr-16 14:10:54

Have checked. Not going in sorry smile She's not saying that. She's saying that toddlers who rely on breastmilk for most of their calories risk deficiency. This is correct. I find it hard to believe she has seen 'loads' of examples of this unless she works in a very unusual area. Very few toddlers are on mostly breastmilk. But perhaps she has seen a few.

She also says there is no evidence that BF has health benefits beyond a year. There are no good studies, it's true. But as breastmilk continues to be species specific, and to contain antibodies, and to be a 'healthy' beverage at any age, we can infer that it has health benefits smile

But the thread is not about that. And this is a thread about a thread which is against the rules. smile

Jemappelle Mon 25-Apr-16 14:47:18

Nope. Let's clarify.

1. First I never suggested you "go in". I merely said its great if you can confirm here if not there. Which you did. Ta :-)

2. Second exactly what I clarified in response. That toddlers aren't supposed to rely On milk alone anyway so the deficiencies being seen are not due to BM inadequacies. Which is what I said to her. Glad to know that, this, indeed is correct.

3. Finally - indeed a TAAT is against the rules. The topic of that thread is a parenting/work issue. A thread about that thread would be incorrect. This is by a thread about that thread or the issue. This is about a (rather offtopic) issue that was mentioned that I have picked up on. And stand by. It is not about that thread.

But most importantly - No 1 above rather than anything else. Your judgement is valued. By me. And by others on this board. You were not requested/invited/asked to "go in" (your words). I requested a clarification here if not there - and I've got it - from mumsnet's trusted BF expert.


tiktok Mon 25-Apr-16 16:47:43

Sorry - you are right you did not ask me to 'go in' smile

tiktok Mon 25-Apr-16 16:49:04

Ps glad I helped!

MistressMerryWeather Mon 25-Apr-16 16:52:45

Have you posted on the thread in question?

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