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3 month old messing around with feeds and not settling at night

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rachndan Sat 23-Apr-16 06:54:14

Hi all.

Our DD2 is now 3 months old and having had a bit of a rough time with silent reflux and CMA we had finally got into a bit of a routine and whilst she didnt drink loads of milk she was drinking enough and progressing nicely for the doctors to be happy.

She is on Nutramigen and ranitidine and up until a few days ago she would go to sleep around 7.30pm and wake between 4-6am for a feed. But over the last few days she has started waking several times but only doing a couple of ozs of milk and still not settling back to sleep after.

She has only recently gone on to 5ozs of nutramigen and still sometimes wont drink it all. We had to put her on level 2 teats of Dr Browns bottles at about 6 weeks so not sure if she now needs level 3.

I am not sure if it us a growth spurt and itl pass and she will settle again?

I am not sure if she needs level 3 teats?

I am not sure what has changed?

Any advice would be great. Thanks

Nottalotta Sun 24-Apr-16 10:19:51

I'm no expert, but I would say that 8.5- 10.5 hrs with food overnight is a looong time at that age, and things do change, all the time!

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