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Is 17 weeks too late to increase supply?

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SweetElizaRose Tue 19-Apr-16 18:05:06

Up until now I've been (just) meeting dd at approx 850mls a day but with nothing left to freeze. She's now started having more like 1000mls a day and I'm literally now only one feed ahead at any one time and it's stressing me out. In fact it's ruining my life. I'm so tired and run down and I've got a chest infection because I'm so tired and run down. I lost it a bit this afternoon after I had to chuck away 50mls of milk as dd decided she didnt want it after I'd warned it up.
She won't accept formula, I tried last week as I was hoping to start combi feeding.

Is there anyway to increase supply now? I've tried oats, fenugreek etc. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to express more frequently. Currently express around 7 times a day. If I started expressing every two hours would it increase or is it too late now? It's so tough as I have another older child too.

HandbagFan Tue 19-Apr-16 18:58:25

Have you tried power pumping? I did it for the four days over Easter and it upped my supply slightly - some swear by it so worth a go?

tiktok Tue 19-Apr-16 19:18:11

Not too late - feeding or expressing more frequently at any stage will increase production.

Don't know your history, sorry, but would direct breastfeeding be an option for you?

SweetElizaRose Tue 19-Apr-16 19:18:55

I don't think so. Dd won't latch now.

SweetElizaRose Tue 19-Apr-16 19:20:38

Is it likely to significantly increase it? I feel my supply is quite poor compared to most people.

HandbagFan Tue 19-Apr-16 22:44:46

If you're getting 850 mls a day your supply is not low. Kellymom classes low supply as 300mls and below and borderline low as 500mls and below. DS is taking c.900mls a day and I'm only making c.450mls so you're doing lots better than me.

Sometimes perspective can be lost when reading online! I'd be thrilled with 850 and know people would be happy with what I can make!

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