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Can I give my baby some cows milk

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PebbleTTC Mon 18-Apr-16 07:30:37

Hi baby is 9 months this week and the last few days he has been clamping down and pulling off at the same time and nipples are sore and bleeding. This morning he did it and we took a little break and put him back on but he did the same and cried at the same time. I put a little cows milk in to sippy cup and he drank that. Is it ok to give a little cows milk in addition to breastfeeding?

Any tips on how to stop biting and pulling off at the same time would be great too

KP86 Mon 18-Apr-16 07:36:15

At this age, unless there are allergies, you will generally be encouraged to give cow's milk on cereal as well as plain yoghurt and cheese for snacks.

I wouldn't give cow's milk in a bottle as it will be difficult for your baby to digest and may cause gut problems.

If you want to start mix feeding, try formula.

I had a biter as well, so I sympathise! He was mix-fed EBM and direct BF so after that he went to 100% EBM bottles. Me squealing in his ear when he bit me wasn't doing anyone any good.

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