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How much expressed milk to leave for 9mo LO?

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CobsAhoy Sun 17-Apr-16 20:56:21

Not sure if there is an answer for this, or if it's basically impossible to measure/every baby is different, but here it goes....

I am in the process of doing BLW with my 6mo DD, but as it's still early days I think she is still getting most of her calories from breast milk. I was happy just plodding along breast feeding on demand as I was planning on having a year off for maternity leave, but it looks like now I will be going back to work when she is 8 months. I am panicking a bit because I have no idea how much milk she actually has in a day (or should be having at 8months), I have expressed in the past but the amount she actually drank from the bottle always fluctuated wildly, and now I don't really seem to have enough of a supply to express extra for storing anyway.

So my (pretty rambling) questions are, how much breast milk should an 8 month old be drinking if you are trying to ween on to solids, and does anyone have any tips on increasing milk supply at this late stage?

confused help!

CobsAhoy Sun 17-Apr-16 21:36:29

Never mind, probably should have googled it first as there's loads of stuff on this.... But here's a link in case anyone else wondered....

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