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Blocked duct

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creamoftomato Fri 15-Apr-16 20:04:37

Help. BF DC2 (5mo) and I've got a hard lump in my left boob. I've had blocked ducts (big lumps, even to the scary red streak stage) many times before despite doing every fucking thing "right" sigh and can usually shift with ibuprofen, a bit of underwater expressing in a hot bath and lots of feeding but this one just won't shift sad GP totally useless, doled out broad spectrum antibiotic and told me to go to A&E if any red streaks appeared.

What can I do this time? Should I try the antibiotics in case there's an infection? I'd really rather avoid them if possible, we had weeks and weeks of thrush earlier and it was a complete nightmare. Won't I still need to somehow shift the blockage anyway? Any amazing tricks that I'm missing?!

ThisIslandGirl Fri 15-Apr-16 23:45:59

I had one a month or so back and I managed to get rid by massaging the lump while I expressing, LOADS of warm compresses and getting DS to feed the opposite way to normal, so with his feet tucked under my arm in the same side as the breast he was feeding from if that makes sense. Good luck, I know how nasty they are and always better if you can sort it without antibiotics!

creamoftomato Fri 15-Apr-16 23:49:56

Oh thanks for replying. I've been expressing like a mad woman all evening and think I might need to give it a break now, I'm worried I'm starting to do more harm than good with all the massaging. DD has really unhelpfully also decided to become ill so I'm both trying to fix my boob and look after her. Waaaaaaaah.

zeeka Fri 15-Apr-16 23:50:52

I had this a few times and massaged and applied heat. You can get these things to heat up and put In your bra:

I also microwaved damp flannels for about 10 secs and applied to the blocked bit, massaging too.

My sympathy is all yours!! It's such a horrible thing to endure flowers especially on reduced sleep!

TheEmperorNotTheSalad Sat 16-Apr-16 01:20:00

Get the Lansinoh therapearl gel pad thingies. AMAZING. Probably saved my BFing during mastitis. Microwave and apply to boob. Sympathies to you OP, hope you feel better soon thanks

creamoftomato Sat 16-Apr-16 04:20:30

Thanks both. More heat is maybe the answer then... We will see...

AbolishFlobots Sat 16-Apr-16 04:39:34

Get something that vibrates on your boob (toothbrush?) might help

MingZillas Sat 16-Apr-16 06:01:57

God I remember this. I had mastitis FOUR bloody times! I was a pro at sorting it out by then!

Have a really good look at your nipple and see if you've got a white spot on it. When I had a massive lump I read online about these milk blebs, I think it's basically milk/skin that blocks the pore so the milk can't come out. Hence it backs up creating the lump.

If you can see one gently pop it with a sterile needle. I did this and the milk shot out! Have a really good look though as it was tiny, like a small pimple.

Hope you get it sorted. I'm still bf 21mo dd now and touch wood haven't had any problems for ages so it'll get better. I think it's just in those early months your body is making tons of milk which needs to come out!

creamoftomato Sat 16-Apr-16 14:07:11

Definitely no bleb alas. I think I've managed to shrink the lump a bit now with lots of dangle feeding but it is still bloody there. Electric toothbrush is a new one on me - I might try this later!

TreeSparrow Thu 21-Apr-16 22:08:39

I've had a few very stubborn blocks. I did baths, expressing (which actually exacerbated the problem), hot compresses, ibuprofen, etc. But what really helped was a few leaves of chilled white cabbage in your vest/bra when you go to bed. For some reason it seemed to soften the block and help it clear.

The main thing is to try to feed with the baby's chin pointing towards the block. Rugby hold position was most helpful for me.

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