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Can people tell me what thrush feels like?

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fedupofpeppa Thu 14-Apr-16 19:22:16

Had some great advice on here last time I posted so thought I would try again.

Have had breast pain ever since starting breastfeeding 6 days ago. Pain from cracked nipples was helped loads by lansinoh but I do still have them.

Today over the last few feeds the pain in my breasts has become excruciating to the point I am genuinely not sure I can feed again I an hour.

Health visitor thought baby might have thrush and I am on antibiotics do is a possibility but is it so painful? Baby has started to fuss a bit at the breast including taking a few attempts to latch but the latch feels normsl once he is on.

What were your experiences of thrush please? How did you feed through the pain? Did you express and use bottles for a short time?

Junosmum Fri 15-Apr-16 08:12:19

Yes, thrush can be very painful. You need to get to the gp for treatment for baby AND you.

Moonandstarsandback Fri 15-Apr-16 08:15:42

Yes, you need baby to be treated as well otherwise if you get rid of yours baby will just give it back!! I had thrush in my milk ducts and was in absolute agony for weeks sad it felt like cut glass ouch! I found this website really helpful

I hope you're feeling better soon.

NickyEds Fri 15-Apr-16 08:26:17

For me thrush felt like my milk was actually boiling water, like a burning feeling but deep into the breast tissue, so different to the pain I got in the nipple from ds's tongue tie. It was very painful

MentalMum1 Tue 19-Apr-16 13:50:24

Thrush is agony!! I had it on my nipple and in ducts too. It felt like my nipples were throbbing 24/7, couldn't bear for anything to touch them. The LC i was seeing called them Lightsaber nipples due to the constant throbbing!!! O took fluconazole and used Daktarin cream and baby had nystan drops and canestan as she had thrush rash on bottom. Go to your GP armed with info (think Kellymom or la Leche league have a fact sheet for gps) so they know how to test and treat as the use of fluconazole is still off licence I think. Hope it clears up soon! I had an improvement in a few days after starting the meds.

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