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One handed feeding!

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StepfauxWife Thu 14-Apr-16 15:32:43

This is a bit of a random question..

I have big boobs and need to "sandwich" my boob in order to get baby to latch and feed well. Totally fine when in the comfort of my own home and I can get my boob out but it's stopping me from getting out and about!

DD is three weeks old and on the 9th centile so she is quite small. I've tried to feed without doing the sandwich thing and she unlatches or it's painful.

Is this something that will get easier as she grows or am I doing something wrong?

poocatcherchampion Thu 14-Apr-16 15:46:48

It will get easier. I often do this at home but never when out. That said I do find he feeds better at home now at 5mo but that is to do with other distractions as well.

Make sure you don't squeeze too hard though as you don't want to block ducts!

TheEmperorNotTheSalad Thu 14-Apr-16 19:31:10

It will get easier. I had to do the same in the early days but now DS is bigger he just gets on with it. Have you googled the 'flipple' technique? Worked quite well for me.

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