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Aptimil Profutra 1 - problems?

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KLG3101 Tue 12-Apr-16 21:51:52

Has anyone used the new Profutra rather than the regular Aptimil fist milk? I switched to the Profutra last week (DD is 9 weeks) as I thought it must be better - more expensive / fancy packaging and still pangs of guilt haunt me over BF. Since switching my DD has been so unsettled with a sore stomach and sick most feeds. She does suffer with reflux however it's been 10 times worse.

tiktok Wed 13-Apr-16 10:47:45

It would be a good idea to call the helpline run by the manufacturers and report this, I think.

If the previous milk is still available to you, then it would be fine to switch back.

Some babies do react differently to different formula milks and the different sort of LCPs in Aptamil Profutura have not been around very could be that some babies are sensitive to this formulation.

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