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How do you stop breastfeeding, could I quit cold turkey?

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Hidinginplainsite Sat 09-Apr-16 18:38:13

DD was 1 yesterday.

After a grand total of TEN years breastfeeding 4DC I have completely and utterly had enough. I feel so touched out and actually i'd like my breasts back.

Possible issues are that she feeds to sleep for every feed, we co-sleep so at night she wakes up and feeds herself before I even wake up so would possibly need to move her to a cot. I can handle the daytime naps by going for a walk in the buggy or taking her out in the car.

How many days before she would forget about feeding and stop trying to feed?

My periods haven't returned yet but i've been stuck in a month long phase of PMT where I feel like AF is coming and then a tiny bit of spotting and then nothing. I think thats contributing to the annoyed feeling because I just feel so bloody irritable.

Any thoughts?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 10-Apr-16 17:47:01

How many days before she would forget about feeding and stop trying to feed?. Days? I think it might take slightly longer. My almost 9yo is still obsessed with my breasts and it's been a long time since she was bf. smile

The night feed decreased a lot when we moved her into her own room. The same with her brother. Have you looked into night weaning techniques?

jimijack Sun 10-Apr-16 17:52:23

I weaned down over a couple of weeks then on his 3rd birthday stopped.
Wore a proper bra, tops inaccessible to him and gave drinks in a cup and said it had run out.

He did of course insist we nip to the shops to get some more.
It was actually fairly pain free and after about a week stopped asking.
Good luck x

Flossiesmummy Sun 10-Apr-16 17:54:38

My Dd kept holding out for milk rather than eating her food, so at 14 months I just calmly explained that bfing was going to stop. I gave her one last feed and told her that would be the last.

She asked a few more times but quickly accepted that it was over. We bought a special cows milk beaker together and made a big deal of how grown up she was.

My baps were very sore and giant for a few days but they quickly calmed down.

greenflame Wed 13-Apr-16 06:28:24

At 1 she could forget about it fairly quickly - maybe even within a fortnight, this was the case with my two when I stopped at 13 and 15 months. Making a big deal about a nice warm cup or bottle of milk along with a nice cuddly story before bedtime helped both times I feel.
If your dd feeds to sleep, you could give her a massive bottle (if she'll take one?) so she's totally milk drunk. She'll be so tired at bedtime hopefully she'll go down without too much protest but just awake enough to help her learn how to self settle gradually - you can stay in the room with her while she nods off. Also let her play in the cot lots during the day if that's where you want her to sleep.

So basically nail down a pre bed routine with some milk and a story. use formula and a bottle to start with if it makes it more appealing to her and you can gradually change it to normal milk. Good luck - our second dc was a terrible sleeper but despite my fears she was pretty easy to wean off the boob.

Finally - ten years of breastfeeding- you deserve a medal!

greenflame Wed 13-Apr-16 06:31:19

Meant to say how many daytime feeds? Cut them down to one or two first maybe and distract if she wants more. Cold turkey can be pretty tough going so maybe don't rush it, not only will your boobs be a mess but you might feel awful because of the sudden hormone change etc.

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